Threlkeld Family

Ashley and Andy were married in June. It was a great
outdoor June wedding held at Ashley's grand parent's
house in Weleetka, OK.
Brian graduates! Though he is not smiling here, believe me he was more than ready to get out of high school. He's moving on to college in the Fall.
Ashley graduates with a degree in psychology at
the University of Central Oklahoma!

JoAnn and I out on our front porch. I think I was about
to leave for a race in Kansas.
Mom, Debbie, and I in a Muskogee Resturant.  
Our little Miss Ashley.  
Brian when he raced his car at Hallett Motor Speedway.  
Cheryl and Mom at a baseball game.  
Emma, the newest member of the family.  
Brian and my Dad.  

I've got the best big brother a guy could ever ask for.
Jerry is a great guy.
 My Mom and Dad came to visit during the Fort Gibson parade.
Shelly is my step-sister. She and her family live in Ft Gibson.